The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs

THE MARVELOUS PIGNESS OF PIGS: Nurturing and Caring for All God’s Creation is

Joel’s 10th book and its official release was May 7, 2016, under the imprint FaithWords.

Growing up straddling the tension between the environmental and faith-based community, Joel several years ago poked good-naturedly at the stereotypes with his self-acclaimed moniker: Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. Friends in both camps have marveled at how he could be so ecological but yet read the Bible. Aren’t the two mutually exclusive?

The thesis of the book is simple: All physical creation is an object lesson of spiritual truth.

The question is simple: Do the beliefs in the pew align with what’s on the menu?

This book is for both camps. The environmentalists who do not consider themselves part of the evangelical Christian right will want to read it to see what the Bible really says, and to give it to their Christian friends, like an “I told you so.” Christians, or people who identify themselves with a faith community, will want to read it to find out how God cares about creation stewardship.

“If the 34 percent of Americans who identify themselves as evangelicals would embrace the stewardship mandate, it would completely change the food-farm landscape and the discussions centered around those issues. This demographic has routinely pooh-poohed local, integrity food and farming, and as a result alienated themselves from important alliances and the very desires of God,” Joel says.

“My hope is that this book will start conversations in churches and other places to wrestle with the question: does God care? About factory farming, industrial food, Monsanto. When people come to our farm, do they see forgiveness? Mercy? Abundance? Order? Beauty? Anyone who reads this will never look at food and farming the same,” he says.

Although this is not the highest book-buying season, FaithWords wanted to release this book now because it coincides with spring, the new season, and new life. We encourage you to purchase this book quickly to see if it can get on the media radar. The more buzz, the more chance that it can actually challenge our culture with divine desire.

Thank you.

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