Click on the links below for more information about each of our production models.

Stewing Hens

We keep layers for two production years. At that point, they don’t lay enough eggs to be economical and we dress these old birds. Although they are tougher than the young broilers, the taste is incomparably superior and the broth … Read more

Pastured Turkeys

A portable hoophouse called the Gobbledygo offers shelter to the turkeys inside their electrified-netting paddock. Moved every couple of days to a fresh pasture, the turkeys ingest copious amounts of grass to supplement their local grain ration.

Pastured Broilers

We use 10 ft. X 12 ft. X 2 ft. high floorless, portable field shelters housing about 75 birds each to grow these 8-week meat birds. Moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock, these birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine, … Read more

Forage-Based Rabbits

Daniel began raising rabbits in the late 1980s as a 4-H project and has developed a line-bred genetic base for meat rabbits that are hardy and can eat forage without getting diarrhea. Housed in elevated shelters above the chickens in … Read more

Salad Bar Beef

Herbivores in nature exhibit three characteristics: mobbing for predator protection, movement daily onto fresh forage and away from yesterday’s droppings, and a diet consisting of forage only – no dead animals, no chicken manure, no grain, and no fermented forage. … Read more

Pastured Eggs

An Eggmobile follows the cows in their rotation. The Eggmobile is a 12 ft. X 20 ft. portable henhouse and the laying hens free range from it, eating bugs and scratching through cattle droppings to sanitize the pasture just like … Read more


With 450 acres of forest, we practice a sustainable harvest rotation and turn our logs into lumber with our bandsaw mill. We can cut lengths up to 24 ft. and any dimension desired. This custom cutting ability allows us to … Read more

Pigaerator Pork

Polyface literally backed into the pig business many years ago as a way to build compost. When we feed hay to the cows, they eat and lounge in a pole shed that we bed down with wood chips, sawdust, and … Read more