Patrick’s Great Grass Adventure

PATRICK’S GREAT GRASS ADVENTURE With Greg the Grass Farmer, Joel’s first children’s book, illustrated by his daughter, Rachel Salatin.

Designed as a read-to-me book for 4-7 year-olds, the book captures the ecology and ecstasy of grass. Of course, Greg is a thinly disguised Joel Salatin, complete with suspenders. Rachel puts her subtle persona into the book with her birthday as the cow ear tag numbers.

“I’ve never spent so much time on this many words in my life,” Joel says. Trying to teach without preaching, and educate with a story line, is not easy. Fortunately, artistic and creative daughter, Rachel, hit on the breakthrough of having something besides Greg tell the story. Patrick Pigeon became the hero the duo needed to craft a whimsical and elegant introduction to grass farmer and a grass farmer: all seen and explained through the eyes of a common, friendly bird.

Because she grew up at Polyface, Rachel’s ability to capture grass and tools of Greg’s trade is unique and superb. Adults and children alike will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and their attention to detail. Both young and old will find interesting information to help understand the why and how of prairie polyculture grass farming.

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