Molly Hester

Position:Full Time Apprentice

Molly Hester, born and raised in Madison, Alabama. I grew up in the suburbs eating casseroles and French fries. My farming journey started in a search for healing foods. While in college I started my first backyard flock of chickens. Those chickens awoke a calling in my soul; they brought me closer to my food and the Lord. While researching how to raise chickens I came upon Polyface, my desire to farm grew. At the time I was teaching Kindergarten, but I still had a love for health and farming. It wouldn't be until a few years later that the Lord would bring me here to Virginia. I arrived in May 2017, completed the five-month internship, and loved it so much that I decided to stay for another year as an apprentice.  I hope to take what I am learning back to Alabama/ Tennessee and start a farm of my own alongside my family.
When I am not farming I enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, yoga, and spending time with family.

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