Folks, This Ain’t Normal

FOLKS,THIS AIN’T NORMAL is written in Salatin’s entertaining and informative style that reflects his dirt-under- the- fingernails experience punctuated with mischievious humor , and yet it’s a serious look at our food: where it comes from, it’s current state of abnormality – and why we shouldn’t eat most of it. FOLKS,it ain’t normal to eat unpronounceable food that you can’t make in your kitchen, and has travelled 1,500 miles to get to your table.

Farmer Joel Salatin is the 21st century’s thinking man’s farmer who believes that the answer to rebuilding America is to start with the family farm and for those farms to thrive, we all need to learn how to eat naturally again. Salatin’s solutions as presented in the book are very simple and easy to implement in any American household – whether in the suburbs of Chicago, the mountains of Colorado, or urban life in New York City. When it comes to food we can make a big difference by putting our money where our mouth is: all it takes is desire, education and shopping and cooking savvy. Statistics say that 25 percent of all food in America is consumed in automobiles – now that’s a statistic that Farmer Joel Salatin wants to change!

FOLKS,THIS AIN’T NORMAL is on topic with today’s sustainable living conversation and the entire green movement in general. Americans have embraced green living and are looking for ways to nourish their families with clean, wholesome food.

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