Polyface Family of Farmers

This team manages the rental farms of Polyface.


Heather Juda

Greenmont Farm Manager

Heather was born in Atlanta, GA, but spent 19 years in Colorado before moving to Virginia.  She came to Polyface for the 2012 internship and has stayed on as the first female apprentice. She became interested in the food industry when she was in high school, and over the years sought to eat in a healthier way through community gardening, hunting and supporting local farmers. She had a very blessed and “comfortable” life in Colorado complete with a good IT career and condo, but on a calling from the Lord, she left it all to start a new life in farming at Polyface.  She looks forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the future and hopes to use what she learns at Polyface to provide healthy food for people!


Shane Murrow

Full Time Farm Manager

Hello, my name is Shane Murrow, i’m from Alva, Oklahoma where the flat terrain makes for big sky’s and beautiful sunsets. I was raised on a conventional small scale cattle ranch and that’s where my passion for working with animals started.

I studied biology at the University of Central Oklahoma. I greatly enjoyed seeing my biology professors confounded when, I explained, I wanted to farm with the information we covered in class. While in college I worked as an Americorps member on a smallscale nonprofit vegetable farm. We would donate all our produce to daycares and hospitals. After watching “Food Inc” and hearing about Polyface’s internship opportunity I thought I’d apply for the position. When selected to be an intern during the 2016 summer, I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to healing land through regenerative agriculture and being here has only affirmed, this is the life for me.

My apprenticeship at Polyface started October 15th 2016 and ended October 15th 2017. Now I work as a full time farm manager at one of Polyface's rental farms.