Eric Barth

Position: Apprentice Manager

Eric Barth (25) was born in Virginia, but lived 15 years with his family in Oak Brook, IL. before coming to Polyface in October 2010. The second born of 10 children, Eric was home-educated and always enjoyed outdoor physical work. During high school, he started a landscape maintenance business with his older brother and continued it for several seasons before starting his Polyface apprenticeship. Eric always had an interest in agriculture because of his family’s commitment to wellness and his father’s agricultural heritage. As Eric learned about the decline in our nation’s food system, he had a growing desire to produce and offer wholesome food to those interested in an alternative to commercial farming. He is excited to see how God will use this opportunity to prepare him to be a future “lunatic farmer” who can give customers the best food possible. After a one year apprenticeship, Eric is now full time staff and excited to be part of the Polyface mission.