Field Day 2014Every three years Polyface Farm opens its doors to a Field Day that attracts people from all over the nation and even foreign countries. We offer farm tours, an inside look at all the buildings and gardens, plus a full bore trade show for the organizations and infrastructure suppliers that keep the farm humming. In the middle of the day, a lunch featuring barbecued Salad Bar Beef, Pigaerator Pork, and Pastured Poultry plus the fixin’s will satisfy you past plum.

This is a family friendly event with lots to see and do, including sawmilling and perhaps the best ecological book store in the world. ACRES USA magazine handles all the registration. We’re expecting 2,000 people, so active networking and inspiration will make this one of the best one-day investments you could ever imagine. We look forward to seeing you.

2014 Field Day – Saturday, July 19 

ACRES USA handles all registrations: 1-800-355-5313, or look at the ACRES USA website.


PrintTwo out of every three years, Polyface offers this two-day, six meal (it’s worth coming just for the meals) intensive seminar limited to 30 people in order to maintain intimacy. If you ever wanted to go behind the scenes with the Salatin family, this is your opportunity. We actually process chickens, process rabbits, go up the mountain to see pigs, discuss water systems and road building.

We go to one of the rental farms to talk about mob stocking and land lease options. A silviculture session accentuates good forestry management. We mill a log into lumber on the farm’s bandsaw mill, and talk about adding value to woodlots.

The first evening Joel presents a Relationship Marketing session until dark, highlighting the current techniques the farm and its collaborators use. This is a hands on, in-the-field learning experience in which the how-to is smothered in southern hospitality. The most common complaint is: “Oh, I should have brought my . . . wife, husband, business partner, in-laws, friend.”

Who comes? Anyone. We’ve had chefs, environmentalists, farmers, professors, bureaucrats . . . even animal rights activists. The most common testimonial: “The first half day made it worthwhile.” Come and join us.

ACRES USA handles all registrations: 1-800-355-5313, or look at the ACRES USA website.

These will be held again in July 2015

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