Breakfast with Richard Morris

Saturday, January 13, 9am

Let’s be honest…today’s approach to diets and wellness are big on trendiness but lacking in authenticity! We hope to help with that! Save the date! Saturday, January 13, 9am, Richard, a long time employee of Polyface and one of our most favorite people in the world, is going to talk to us about his book and his journey to a healthier life! You won’t want to miss it!

” ‘Is today the day I die?’ This was the question Richard Morris asked himself every morning until he discovered a way out of a life of personal and public pain…a life burdened by more than 400 lbs. An amazing transformation takes place when Richard sets out on an extraordinary journey and rediscovers the power of traditional foods…a powerful story of one man and one family’s struggle to know the truth about food, reclaim their health and live a life unburdened!”

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