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Polyface Primer Series

Pigs 'n GlennsA Polyface Presentation of A Swineherd Production


Pigs are omnivores, like humans. We don’t use the word glens much anymore, but you’ll find it in old fairy tales and fold lore with names like Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane. It describes a forested setting in which the story will take place. This video combines the most ancient hog production techniques with the best of modern technology, using pigs to massage the ecological landscape in exercise. So hold onto your hats, here we go…

Enjoy a virtual hands-on lesson at Polyface Farm learning the ecological benefits and logistics of raising pigs in a patch of woods. Combining the ancient symbiosis of pigs and trees with the most modern infrastructure like electric fencing and no-waste water systems, the Salatin family’s techniques offer hope and healing. Simply put, this is modern nutrient-dense ecological farming at its best. ~40 minutes

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Over the years, we have developed a local food distribution system that we call the Metropolitan Buying Club. We think it combines the real-time interfaces of online marketing with community-based interaction. These kinds of interfaces, without bricks and mortar, using the internet, create efficiencies and economies of scale in local food distribution that we think you will find very exciting.

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Polyface Farm DVD

polyface_dvdThis is the official, comprehensive video about the farm. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth a library of writing. Carefully filmed and edited by Moonstar Films, this is a first class, professional work. Filmed over the course of a year to catch the multi-faceted seasons and enterprises at Polyface, this was a monumental effort and a delightful artistic piece. You will see Joel and Daniel in each section, talking and working in everyday settings. 110 minutes

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Books By Joel Salatin

Folks, This Ain’t Normal

Folks this aint normal C

Joel’s newest book was released on October 10, 2011. FOLKS,THIS AIN’T NORMAL is written in Salatin’s entertaining and informative style that reflects his dirt-under- the- fingernails experience punctuated with mischievious humor , and yet it’s a serious look at our … Read more

Pastured Poultry Profits

pasture_poultry_profits c

Joel began raising chickens when he was 10 years old and serendipitously fell into the pastured poultry concept a couple of years later when a pair of unused portable rabbit runs became available.  Still the centerpiece of the farm, and … Read more

Salad Bar Beef

salad bar beef c

Fishing for a phrase to describe this ultimately land-healing and nutrition-escalating production model, Joel realized that he was offering the cows a salad bar.  He coined the phrase to describe the farm’s beef, and thereby stimulate questions from potential customers.  … Read more

Holy Cows & Hog Heaven


Written for food buyers to empower them in their dedication to food with integrity, this book changes people’s lives.  Farmers who give it to their customers say that folks who have read it have a new level of understanding and a … Read more

Family Friendly Farming

family_friendly_farming c

Joel calls this his soul book.  Right now, four generations live at Polyface.  That requires vision, grace, and an attractive farming and business model.  The subtitle, “A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament” delineates the far-reaching implications discussed in these pages. It’s … Read more

The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

Sheer Ecstacy c

Have you ever wondered: “So what really is the difference, anyway? Can there really be that much difference between the way two farmers operate? After all, a cow is a cow and the land is the land, isn’t it?” This … Read more

You Can Farm

you_can_farm c

For all the wannabes and newbies, this book is subtitled:  “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farming Enterprise.”  A veritable compendium of information, Joel pulls from his eclectic sphere of knowledge, combines it with a half century … Read more

Everything I want to do is Illegal


War Stories from the Local Food Front Although Polyface farm has been glowingly featured in countless national print and video media, it would not exist if the USDA and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services had their way.  … Read more

Fields of Farmers

Cover--Fields of Farmers thumbnail2

America’s average farmer is sixty years old. When young people can’t get in, old people can’t get out. Approaching a watershed moment, our culture desperately needs a generational transfer of millions of farm acres facing abandonment, development, or amalgamation into … Read more