Trial Pitch for Tithing Creation

With the average American farmer 60 years old, in the next 15 years, half of all agricultural equity–land, buildings, equipment–will change hands.  The burning question is this:  “Who will control all of this equity?”  Wall Street?  Chinese?  Saudis? Monsanto?  Factory farmers?  Chemical dependents?  How about bright-eyed, bushy-tailed entrepreneurs caressing the land and loving their neighborhood nest?

Here at Polyface Farm, situated 8 miles southwest of Staunton, Virginia in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, we’re seeing the transformation take place as nearby farms go up for sale.  For 50 years we’ve regenerated farms and for 25 we’ve mentored and launched young farmers. Additional land would enable us to expand our redemptive touch in the integrity farm/food space.

Many of you have asked us:  “How can I help?”  While giving to non-profit environmental organizations is an option, Polyface would like to present you with another option:  TITHING CREATION LLC.   Based on the historic tithe principle whereby we give a portion of earnings to do sacred work, we’d like to offer an ownership opportunity for you to invest in this transitional stewardship.

Would you be interested in purchasing shares at $1,000 each in a land-holding entity that would buy farmland for Polyface to manage?  These shares could be bought and sold at any time but would bear little interest.  Polyface would not buy this land–you would.  If we receive enough interest from this short pitch, we will proceed with creating the legal entity to make it happen.  If no one salutes this flag, we’ll lower it and work on other angles.

This pitch obligates no one to anything:  it’s just a survey of interest.  Simply respond by submitting your name and email address in the field below.  If you think it’s a terrible idea, tell us that too.  Here at Polyface, we’re listening.  Thank you.  The future is in your hands.


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