Jonathan & Hannah Hale

Jon and Hannah

Position: All -Around Handyman and Farm Manager

It’s hard to believe that Jonathan and Hannah grew up over 800 miles apart, in North Carolina and Mississippi respectively! Both grew up with a love of animals, raising livestock, and being outdoors, Hannah having come from a long line of farmers of the past. Farming as an occupation was a common dream between them, though neither thought it was viable as a livelihood in today’s world. Over the years and through various ways each learned of Polyface Farm and became inspired and hopeful. Joel Salatin’s book You Can Farm helped each to realize that their dream could be a reality. Similar interests and a passion for farming led to them meeting at Polyface!

After attending a 2010 “Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar”, Jonathan applied for and was accepted as a 2012 summer Intern at Polyface. Following an awesome summer, he was accepted as a year-long Apprentice.

Meanwhile, Hannah had been learning more about the famous farm and moved to Polyface in 2013 as a member of that year’s summer intern team! She also subsequently became and Apprentice through the 2014 season, while Jonathan stayed at Polyface as a farm manager and general shop manager / metal fabricator / mechanic.

Since their marriage in 2015,  Jonathan and Hannah work together at Polyface managing several rental properties, raising pastured broilers, hogs, and cattle, as well as Jonathan continuing his work in the Polyface “Shop”.

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